IN MEMORIAM : Dr. Sibylle Hübner-Funk by Lynne Chisholm & Sylvia Trnka

Sibylle Hübner-Funk, RC 34 President from 1990 to 1994, passed away on 5 May 2014 in Munich, Germany.
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Call for Papers: "Interactive Futures: Young People's Mediated Lives in the Asia Pacific and Beyond"

There is a call for papers to be presented in a conference this Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd December, 2014 in Monash University Caulfield Campus, Melbourne.

It's theme is Interactive Futures: Young People's Mediated Lives in the Asia Pacific and Beyond and this conference explores young people’s engagement with new modes of mediated communication, self-expression and culture-making across the Asia Pacific and beyond. It will map young people’s mediated lives in the region, consider implications for citizenship, ethics, political & cultural agency and social bonds, and generate debate about the ways emplacement, embodiment, and location shape youth access to and practices with media—new and old, virtual and material.

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New Book on Youth Studies by Jim Côté, our RC34 President

The burgeoning field of youth studies encompasses multiple viewpoints, presenting a confusing picture to novices and experts alike. This insightful text goes to the heart of the fundamental issues and debates that characterize this developing field, giving readers a clearer understanding of its current progress and future prospects.

James Côté's lively, debate-focused overview of the underlying paradigms and theories in youth studies - drawn from the overlapping disciplines of sociology, psychology and cultural studies – functions both as an introduction to the area and as an exercise in critical thinking, putting its readers on the cutting-edge of the field.
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New Book on Sri Lankan Youth

A new book on Sri Lankan Youth entitled, "Youth and Social Transformation Improving Life Chances of Youth in Sri Lanka" edited by S.T. Hettige, Elvira Graner and Harini Amarasuriya, was recently launched by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and Social Policy Analysis and Research Center, University of Colombo.
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Dr. Kate Tilleczek opens new Qualitative Research Lab at the University of Prince Edward Island!

It’s been an exciting year for Kate and the Young Lives Research team at UPEI. The lab has seen major transformations, with the completion of the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) funded Qualitative Research lab and col-laboratory. With the addition of new qualitative equipment, software, and training sessions, the lab is advancing Qualitative research at UPEI to new and exciting levels. See

Photo: Col-laboratory, Dalton Hall, UPEI.

In the spring of 2013, Kate was an editor of Youth, Education, and Marginality - Local and Global Expressions found here
She contributed two chapters to the book. Please find her list of publications here Read more

Postgraduate Diploma 2014: Youth Studies and Policies in Latin America

Postgraduate Diploma 2014
“Youth Studies and Policies in Latin America"
Virtual modality

Academic Coordination: Rene Bendit / Ana Miranda
Training Coordinator: Agustina Córica

Accreditation: Certificate of Postgraduate Diploma issued by FLACSO Argentina

Teaching Staff
Abdala Ernesto; Balardini Sergio; Bendit Rene; Bonder Gloria; Casal Joaquín; Cerbino Mauro; Corica Agustina; Cuervo Hernán; De Ibarrola María; Jacinto Claudia; Krauskopf Dina; Miranda Ana; Morduchowicz Alejandro; Otero Analía; Peréz Islas José Antonio; Puex Nathalie; Vazquez Mariana; Wortman Ana; Zelmanovich Perla.

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Sociologist for IFFS

The Institute for Futures Studies (IFFS), Stockholm, is appointing a researcher to the project "Children’s living conditions in a changing society: Socioeconomic and ethnic inequality." The project is concerned with social and ethnic inequalities among young people in present-day society, including intergenerational processes and segregation mechanisms, and is funded by a long-term grant by Forte (Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life, and Welfare). It covers five major themes: educational inequality, child poverty, school and wellbeing, ethnic integration, and family structure. Around ten researchers at IFFS and Swedish Institute for Social Research at Stockholm University are currently engaged within the project, and much of the research involves international collaboration. IFFS, located in the heart of Stockholm city, hosts several related large-scale research projects, including projects on school and labour market segregation, employing and collaborating with internationally renowned scholars within sociology and related disciplines ( Read more

Call for Papers: "Youth work, non-formal education and youth participation” (special issue of IJSE)

Associazione Italiana di Sociologia - AIS
Sezione di “Sociologia dell’Educazione” - “Sociology of Education”
“Italian Journal of Sociology of Education” –


Thematic issue on


scheduled for February 2015

Daniele Morciano (University of Bari, ITALY)
Anna Fausta Scardigno (University of Bari, ITALY)
Maurizio Merico (University of Salerno, ITALY)  Read more

Crisis and Hope for Japanese Youth

This conference aims at understanding the reality of crisis Japanese youth have been facing and examining the possibility of hope for them with empirical and comparative approach. Three sessions are organized about crisis and hope in family formation and partnership, social and political participation, and transition and life planning respectively. The first question is what or where the crisis is for youth. A lot of people have been talking about "Youth Problems" or "Youth Crisis" since late 1990s in Japan like other advanced societies. They, however, do not necessarily ground their understanding of youth on empirical data. As a result, "Problems" or "Crisis" are sometimes like urban folklores or just false stories. "Worsening youth crime in Japan" is one of those stories. We need to approach crisis for youth in a more empirical and comparative way. The second question is what or where the possible hope is for youth. Read more

Congratulations to our own Carmen Leccardi - new President of the European Sociological Association (2013 to 2015)

Congratulations to our own Carmen Leccardi on her recent election to the position of
President of the European Soci
ological Association, to serve from 2013 to 2015. Carmen has been a stalwart RC34 member for years and has played important roles in the past for RC34, including Vice-President for Europe.
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Meet our new RC 34 Board (2010-2014)

NEW RC 34 Board of Directors (2010-2014)
From left: Ngan-pun Ngai(Past-President), Howard Williamson (Secretary-Treasurer), Natalie Waechter (VP for Europe), Clarence M. Batan (IBYR editor), James Côté (President), Maurice Devlin (VP-Europe), Jeylan Mortimer (VP-North America), Ani Wierenga (VP– Australia), Tomahiko Asano (VP-Asia). Not in picture Rosa Maria Camarena (VP-South America), David Everatt (VP-Africa, Near East and Middle East), and Shen Jie (VP-Asia).

ISA 2010 world Congress (Gothenburg, Sweden)


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