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Brill, 2019 – Online ISSN: 2589-5745, Print only ISSN: 2589-5737


In 2019, volume one of Youth & Globalization was published. The journal is a forum scholarship focused upon questions relating to youth in a globalizing world. According to its editors-in-chief Vincenzo Cicchelli (Université Paris Descartes/CEPED) and Sylvie Octobre (Université Paris-Sorbonne/CNRS) (2019: 1), Youth & Globalization aims “to provide an innovative understanding of youth studies in a global context based on multiscalar, multilevel, multisite, and multidisciplinary approaches.”

As today’s youth are both affected by and implicated in processes of globalization, this journal seeks to explore how young people relate to globalization and its outcomes.In addition to publishing scholarly articles, Youth & Globalization also published one to two book reviews per issue. We remain open to suggested monographs and edited volumes published by ISA RC34 members. Additionally, we hope that RC34 members will consider contributing reviews. As you are no doubt all aware, this is an excellent way for junior scholars to gain publications and access new publications, which are often prohibitively expensive.

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If you would like to suggest a text for review or would like to contribute a review to Youth & Globalization, please contact our book review editor Peter Holley (University of Helsinki) at with the name of the text you wish to review, the author’s name(s) and the publisher’s details.