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New updated link of YOUNG – Nordic Journal of Youth Research Sage Journal Online YOUNG – an interdisciplinary journal of youth research. With the object of strengthening dialogues between countries, disciplines and traditions, YOUNG is a forum for discussion of empirical results as well as issues of theory and method. It is aimed at researchers, students and all who are interested in youth questions. First 10 issues, from 1993 to 2002 are now available online at IBYR Contents:

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• James Côté Introduction to Sociology of Youth (.pdf file) Soc 582b: Sociology of Youth (.pdf file)
• Howard Williamson Social exclusion, risk and the life course: The Milltown Boys (.doc file) Social Policy and Young People: Student Handout 2003-2004 (.doc file)
• Jeylan Mortimer Syllabus – Spring 2003 SOC 4090/5090 Topics in Sociology: Adolescence and the Transition to Adulthood (.doc file)
• Michael J. Shanahan Spring 2003 Sociology 326 002: Researching Adolescence (.pdf file)
• Lynn Chisholm & Siyka Kovacheva List of literature for “Youth Mosaic: The Social Situation of Young People in Europe” (.doc file)


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