The Bamberg Graduate School of Social Sciences currently accepts applications for 6 doctoral scholarships, starting October 1, 2016

The scholarships are available from October 1st, 2016, for one year.

We welcome applications from graduates aiming to write their doctoral thesis at the Bamberg
Graduate School of Social Sciences. A scholarship will enable you to develop an excellent research
proposal and submit it to appropriate funding bodies. BAGSS supports scholarship holders through
personal mentoring, workshops and support services.

BAGSS is a multidisciplinary Graduate School funded by the German Science Foundation (DFG) as
part of the German Excellence Initiative. We are seeking to stimulate and guide cutting-edge doctoral
research on some of the most crucial challenges modern knowledge-based societies are facing.

Specialised research agendas have been grouped into four thematic pillars:

PILLAR 1: Education, personal development and learning from early childhood to adulthood

PILLAR 2: Education and social inequality across the entire life course

PILLAR 3: Changes in human capital, labour markets and demographic structures and their impact on social inequality in modern societies

PILLAR 4: Governance, institutional change and political behaviour

A detailed list of topics that will be supervised by professors in our four pillars can be found here:

We are inviting applications by highly qualified graduates from the fields of Sociology, Psychology,
Educational Science, Political Science, Labour and Educational Economics, Demography and
Statistics. Candidates must hold a Master‘s degree (or equivalent) in one of the aforementioned
subjects or be very close to completion. International applications are encouraged but successful
applicants will be required to take up their residence in Bamberg, a city noted for its high quality of
life and great conditions for research and study. Scholarships amount to a monthly stipend of 1.468
Euro, plus family allowances and child-care expenses in accordance with the DFG guidelines where
applicable. The Graduate School is committed to diversity, equal opportunities and the compatibility
of family and career within its statutory obligations.

For further information about BAGSS, the application process and the required documents,
please visit our website at

The deadline for the submission of your application is March 31st, 2016.