Call for articles: “Youth cultures, leisure and space. Practices and representations between public and private places”

Special Issue of International Journal of the Sociology of Leisure
Guest editors: Carlo Genova, University of Turin, Italy; Tarja Tolonen, University of Helsinki, Finland.

Public space has always been a core context for youth leisure activities and inter-peer social interaction, in particular for youth cultures. During recent decades, two main processes have shaped the present spatialisation of leisure among youth cultures: the progressive shift from public to private space, and the growing role of digital places. Both public, semi-public and private space are still lived as grounds, background and constitutive elements for the social lives of young people and their leisure activities, while digital places often cross the boundaries of these different realms. But, how are these different places currently used and represented in youth cultures? How do they interact?
During the past two years, profound and unexpected changes – caused by the Covid-19 pandemic – have occurred in the spatial dimension of youth leisure. But what effects can be observed among youth cultures?

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