Call for papers: Addressing inequalities, mobility and dislocation


Addressing inequalities, mobility and dislocation:

Insights from international and domestic research and practice

June 12 – June 13, 2017
East Lansing, Michigan

Proposal submission closes April 1


Today, societies around the world are experiencing multiple social, economic, and cultural changes and growing inequalities. How does the increasing movement of people—whether internationally as immigrants and refugees, or domestically as economic and social factors produce relocation, dislocation or separation of families—affect education and intersect with and influence inequality? This conference interrogates what it means to prepare students in and for a world of greater mobility. Inviting scholars and practitioners working on addressing inequalities in different contexts, we consider how education can support young people’s ability to build a life for themselves in a time of great economic fluidity and, for many, vulnerability and dislocation. How can schools and higher education institutions enable young people to develop empowered identities as members of social and national communities and as active agents in an interconnected world?
The conference brings together researchers and practitioners from around the world, working across different disciplinary perspectives, to explore how to create education contexts that can help individuals, families and communities thrive in the midst of such global change. Conference participants will assess what new light can be shed on the problems these shifts are creating for education and the students and families it serves. Most challenges for today’s education systems involve globally interconnected issues. By inviting international colleagues to the meeting, we explore how international research can inform our understanding of inequalities and how we can learn from each other in reducing these challenges. The goal is to get interdisciplinary views on points of leverage for increasing opportunities for individuals, families and communities.

Thematic areas:

Migration & Refugee Crisis
Urban Education & Mobility
Global Citizenship & Identities
Relationships between Schools, Communities & Families
Addressing Barriers to Access
Cultural & Linguistic Diversity and Social Cohesion
Building Resilience

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We welcome proposals for individual papers or group panels on a range of themes related to the conference topic. We encourage submissions from higher education faculty and students, K-12 educators, those working in community organizations, and those working in policy. Papers can be investigations of the challenges related to “inequalities, mobility, and dislocation” or analyses of promising practices and interventions to address inequalities. Papers can focus on any level of education (early childhood through higher education/adult), and can address issues pertaining to local, national, or transnational contexts.


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