Call for Papers at the ISA World Forum (Vienna 2016): RC34, Sociology of Youth

Global Sociology and the Struggles for a Better World


Call for Abstracts
14 April 2015 – 30 September 2015 24:00 GMT

Anyone interested in presenting a paper should submit an abstract on-line to a chosen session
on-line submissions
Abstracts must be submitted in English, French or Spanish.


RC34 “Sociology of Youth”


Program Coordinators:

Ani WIERENGA, University of Melbourne, Australia,

Howard WILLIAMSON, University of South Wales, United Kingdom,

Clarence M. BATAN, University of Santo Tomas, Philippines,



Sessions for RC34 “Sociology of Youth”:


  • The Futures We Want, the Pasts Left behind (Presidential Session)
  • Austrian Youth in Transition
  • The Future Is Not What It Used to be: Young People’s Future Visions in Youth Styles and Spaces of Engagement
  • Uncertainty and Precarity in Youth Employment: Public Policies, Institutional Mediations and Subjective Strategies.
  • Muslim Youth, Contemporary Challenges and Future Prospects
  • Youth and Climate Change
  • The Localization and Globalization of Youth Cultures: New Styles, Fandoms and Consumption Patterns
  • Young Activists, Subjectivity and “the Future They Want” (Joint Session: RC47 host)
  • Understanding Youth Activism in Local, National and Transnational Contexts: Innovative Methodological Approaches
  • Youth in the Global South: Emerging Theories, Methodologies, Histories and Policies
  • Youth and Social Justice in the Global South: Building Alternative Strategies to Entrenched Social Inequalities
  • Youth Justice – a Mirror of Social Justice? Young People at the Edge of the Law in Times of Inequality
  • Identifying and Interrupting Inequality: The Role of Youth Work
  • Creating Safety for Youth in a Gendered World (Joint Session with RC32: RC34 host)
  • Gender, Youth, and Migration: Modalities and Trajectories for Development (Joint Session: RC32 host)
  • Young Skilled Migrants: Hopes and Struggles in New Global Trends (Joint Session with RC31: RC34 host)
  • Young Cybogs: Interrogating Technology’s Paradox with, for and By Youth


For the RC34 Call for Papers with abstracts click here or download it: Call for Papers at the ISA World Forum_Vienna 2016_3