Call for papers “Youth, Culture and Institutions”

Study Days “Youth, Culture and Institutions” – V Edition

“Giochi /Games”
Entering Complexity

Trieste (Italy), November 30th-December 2nd, 2018

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“Youth, Culture and Institutions” is a training opportunity for young people from Italy, Europe and elsewhere who aim to develop professional, managerial and organizational skills at a high level in the sectors of culture, communications, business, public administration and research.
The invitation to participate as a speaker is made to students of 1st or 2nd cycle degree courses, doctoral students, post-doctoral researchers but also to young professionals who are no older than
The aim is to enable meetings between students, young scholars and professionals coming from different fields of specialization who are interested in acquiring, as a qualifying element of their
professional training, an understanding of the complex movement of culture, which can integrate and strengthen their specialist and technical capacities.
The purpose of the study days is the formulation of cognitive and practical “agendas”, to be reelaborated in their engagement contexts and through their own training courses.

Application procedure
An abstract for the paper proposed should be sent by 12 Novmber (max 500 words, 1000 if a bibliography is included). The proposal should indicate if multimedial support (video, power point,
internet link) is required.
Proposals should be made by e-mail to A commission will select the papers. The abstract should indicate, as well as the title of the paper, also name, surname and institution (if any). A brief CV should be attached indicating education, specialisations and interests (max 300 words).

20 candidates will be selected. The communication of acceptance or rejection will be send on 13th to the e-mail address of the candidate. The text of the paper must be sent by 22 November.

Registration for the course, Facilities
Participants are required to pay a registration fee
– € 50 (without accommodation and no meals) which includes admission to the Center as ordinary members up to 31.12.2019.
– € 200 for meals (lunch) and accommodation in a double room

Accommodation is provided for the nights of November 30th and December 1st (where necessary to allow participation from the first session at 2pm even on the 29th)
– Travel expenses are not reimbursed.

The meetings will start at 2pm on November 30th and end at 1pm on December 2nd

A certificate of attendance is issued for participation in all the sessions (except for any small exceptions to be justified) and for compliance with the punctuality rules.

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Download the full Call for papers