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Femina sociologica: Women in Sociology and Society

Lejla Mušić ISBN: 978-3659849374 Lambert Academic publishing, Saarbrucken – 2016   This book questions intersections femina sociologica idea,feminicide in Latin America, the transgender idea in Shakesperean works, young femininities and […]

Routledge Handbook of the Sociology of Higher Education

James E. Cote, Andy Furlong (Eds) ISBN 9781138778122 Routledge, Abingdon – 2016     This is the first handbook to cover the sociological approaches to higher education. It is timely […]

Young People and the Aesthetics of Health Promotion

Beyond Reason, Rationality and Risk Kerry Montero, Peter Kelly ISBN 9781138898059 Routledge, Abingdon – 2016       Health promotion with young people has largely been framed by theories of […]

Call for Papers: Sociological Studies of Children and Youth (Emerald Group Publishing)

We are currently seeking submissions for Sociological Studies of Children and Youth, Volume 22, Researching Kids and Teens: Methodological Issues, Strategies, and Innovations.  Problems and pitfalls often accompany researching children […]

Handbook of the Life Course (Vol. 2)

M.J. Shanahan, J. T. Mortimer and M. Kirkpatrick Johnson (Eds) ISBN 978-3-319-20879-4 (hardcover) – 978-3-319-20880-0 (ebook) Springer International Publishing, Switzerland – 2016   Building on the success of the 2003 […]

Life Patterns. Ten years following Generation Y

Jessica Crofts, Hernán Cuervo, Johanna Wyn, Graeme Smith & Dan Woodman ISBN 9780734051844 – 9780734051851 Youth Research Centre, The University of Melbourne – 2015 The Life Patterns research program is […]

Hacerse un lugar: circuitos y trayectorias juveniles en ámbitos urbanos

  Mariana Chaves, Ramiro Segura (Eds) ISBN 978-987-691-367-6 Biblos, Buenos Aires – 2015     Hacerse un lugar. Circuitos y trayectorias juveniles en ámbitos urbanos (Making a place for your […]

Identity Formation, Youth, and Development

A Simplified Approach     James E. Cote, Charles Levine ISBN : 9781848726741 (Paperback) – 9781848726734 (Hardback) Psychology Press – 2016   The concept of identity is one of the most […]

Call for papers for a special issue of Youth & Education

. . Education and Youth Today Sociological Studies of Children & Youth: Volume 21   Guest Editor: Yasemin Besen-Cassino, Associate Professor Department of Sociology Montclair State University Sociological Studies of […]

Youth and Inequality in Education. Global Actions in Youth Work

. . M. Heathfield, D. Fusco (Eds) ISBN: 978-1-13-880829-4 Routledge – 2016   The transition to adulthood for many is mediated by class, culture, and local/global influences on identity. This […]

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