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Brisbane, Australia, 12th July 2002

International Sociological Association Research Committee 34 (Youth) Board meeting, Brisbane, Friday July 12th, 2002 Present: Board members – Helena Helve (President), Jim Cote (IBYR Editor), Vinod Chandra, Ngai Ngan Pun […]

Walddorf, Germany, 16-17th February 2002

RC34 Board Meeting, 16-17 February 2002, Walddorf, Germany Present: Board: LAC, HH, JH, LKN, SK and CF (Hispanic Coordinator); Advisory Board: CL, ST Minutes 1. Minutes of the last official […]

Milan, Italy, 22nd September 2001

RC34 Board Meeting, 22 September 2001, Milan, Italy Minutes Present: Board: LAC, HH, SK; Advisory Board: CL, ST 1. Minutes of the last official Board meeting (Aylesbury, March 2001) Accepted, […]

Helsinki, Finland, 8th June 2000

RC 34 Board Meeting 8-June-2000 Helsinki, Finland Minutes Those present: Lynne Chisholm (LAC) President, Ladislav Machacek (LM) Treasurer, Claire Wallace (CW) Secretary, Julia Zubok (JZ) Assistant Vice President for Russian […]

Aylesbury, UK, 24th March 2000

RC 34 Board Meeting 24. March 2001-03-23 Aylesbury, UK Minutes Those present: Lynne Chisholm (LAC) President, Claire Wallace (CW) Secretary, Lyudmila Nurse (LN) Vice President Russian Federation, J├╝rgen Hartmann (JH) […]

Walddorf, Germany, 30-31st October 1999

RC 34 Board Meeting 30-31 October 1999 Walddorf, Germany Minutes Those present: President: Lynne Chisholm (LAC), Treasurer: Ladislav Machacek (LM), Newsletter Editor: Helena Helve (HH), Vice President for Russia and […]

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