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Special IssueYouth Cultures and Subcultures”


The study of youth cultures and of youth subcultures has a long and articulated tradition in social sciences. The concepts of “youth cultures” and “subcultures” date back to the mid-1940s, in the wake of the way opened by the Chicago School two decades before—but a lot of studies conducted before the terms were coined had also been dedicated to the analysis of phenomena subsequently identified through these categories. Throughout the long history of this field of study, a huge amount of research has been done on very different phenomena and varying interpretative perspectives have been developed. Nevertheless, “youth cultures” and “subcultures” today continue to represent relevant and useful concepts, and analytical perspectives, in the analysis of several social forms characterized by a significant presence of young people.

The purpose of the Special Issue, “Youth Cultures and Subcultures”, is to reflect on the study of youth cultures and subcultures in today’s society. What different theoretical and methodological approaches can be adopted in this study? How have -the two concepts and the related analytical perspectives changed over time? What are the limitations and potential of each approach? How can these two concepts and the different analytical perspectives be useful in the study of today’s empirical phenomena? What alternative concepts and perspectives could be adopted?

These are only some of the possible questions that this Special Issue aims to address through theoretical, methodological, and empirical articles. We therefore look forward to your submissions covering any of the aforementioned topics.


Special issue and instructions for authors:


(Deadline for manuscript submissions: 15 May 2019)

Guest Editor: Carlo Genova –

Department of Culture, Politics and Society, University of Turin, Turin, Italy


The special issue edited by Carlo Genova is now open to receive submissions of full research articles and comprehensive review papers for peer-review and possible publication.