End of Year, and some dates for 2016: a message from Ani Wierenga (RC34 President)

Dear RC34 members, colleagues and friends,

as we end the year, warm greetings to all, and thanks all for your excellent scholarly company through 2015.

A couple of notes and dates for 2016:

ISA registration grants for the Third ISA Forum of Sociology are open. Applications can be submitted by participants until January 31, 2016. Rules for Registration Grants Allocation are available at http://www.isa-sociology.org/forum-2016/guidelines-for-program-coordinators.htm

Registrations for the Forum close on April 5th.  All presenters will need to be registered to appear on the program.  The Registration link is http://www.isa-sociology.org/forum-2016/registration.htm

RC34 colleagues have raised ideas for (optional, focussed) meetings for our RC for the days immediately before or after Vienna, and also for creating stronger networks during the Forum.  Early in the new year we will share some of these ideas, to support the travel planning.

One of these is perhaps relevant for your diary already: the morning of Friday 15 July, Vienna, for taking the RC34 History Project forward.  In the meantime Howard, Lyudmila and Sylvia would really appreciate contributions of any intellectual, social, personal history, memories, anecdotes or photos about RC34.  Please send to howard.williamson@southwales.ac.uk

Very best wishes for the holidays, if you will be celebrating these.  To all, a Happy New Year.


Ani Wierenga

(RC34 President)