History of RC34: special meeting during the World Forum in Vienna



Message from the Organisational Secretary of RC34


Dear colleagues, associates and friends,

Many of you will know that we are endeavouring to produce a history of RC34 – both its academic story (the theoretical developments and political bridges to which it has contributed) and what might be called the ‘geo-personal’ story (its unfolding geographical reach and the personal connections it has engendered).

We are planning to hold a special meeting during the World Forum in Vienna to consider our next steps in the production of this history.

This is scheduled for the morning of Friday July 15th.  It would be extremely helpful to know who is coming to Vienna and who is interested in attending this particular meeting.

If you are, please confirm your attendance by sending a short email to the Organisational Secretary of RC34: howard.williamson@southwales.ac.uk

Please do not reply to IBYR.

Best wishes,

Howard Williamson

Professor of European Youth Policy
University of South Wales
Faculty of Business and Society
Treforest Campus
Pontypridd CF37 1DL
Wales UK