Interrogating conceptions of “vulnerable youth” in theory, policy and practice

Kitty te Riele and Radhika Gorur (Eds)

ISBN Paperback: 9789463001199 – ISBN Hardcover: 9789463001205 – ISBN E-Book: 9789463001212

Sense Publishers, Rotterdam – 2015


 This book is based on a forum bringing together policy makers, people from philanthropic organisations, academics, service providers and young people, to explore meanings and experiences of vulnerable (or ‘at risk’, disadvantaged, marginalised or disenfranchised – terminology varies) youth. With contributions by several RC34 members, the book addresses three concerns:  First, while it is often emphasised that any effective policy for (‘vulnerable’) young people needs to be holistic, agencies tend to work in relative isolation. Second, academics, policy makers, and service provides all recognise the complexity of the issues involved – yet aspects of their practices ignore these complexities, particularly when critiquing policies or evaluating practitioners. Finally, while the voices of young people are considered vital to inform policy and practice, there is not adequate attention to how such elicitation of stories might occur in forums where they are most likely to have policy impact.Four young people provide the final chapter. They had been invited as experts for the forum, to offer us insights into the lived experiences of young people who might be considered ‘vulnerable’. The chapter is an edited version of the transcript of their contributions. For this book, it is fitting to give them the last word.  TeRiele-Gorur-bookcover-small


Free Preview Interrogating Conceptions of “Vulnerable Youth” in Theory, Policy and Practice


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