ISA Forum of Sociology Barcelona Spain 2008

First ISA Forum of Sociology Sociological Research and Public
Debate Barcelona , Spain September 5 – 8, 2008
Growing Up in a Liquid World: Youth Questions and Public Debates

The idea of the Forum gathers and redefines the traditionally organised Research Council conference and the interim conferences of Research Committees. It will be an event with two kinds of programs: a general program conceived as a dialogue between RCs and made up of the papers presented by the RCs’ delegates to the Research Council conference, and the parallel programs of the RCs organised by them. The general theme is Sociological Research and Public Debate and a comprehensive plan of communication will be elaborated trying to project as much as possible the Forum towards the media and citizenry, and organizing a series of debates open to general public amongst prominent sociologists participating in the event, specialists of other disciplines and relevant actors of the public sphere. The Forum is an initiative of Arturo Rodríguez Morató, ISA VP for Research Council. It its organized by the ISA jointly with the Catalan Association of Sociology and the Spanish Federation of Sociology.

For general information about the Forum see the ISA Website: 2008/

During this Forum, the RC 34 “Sociology of Youth” will organize a meeting on youth theories and their influence on public debates, with the cooperation of the Catalan Youth Observatory. This seminar is to be considered the second part of a conference on European youth policies (the first one took place at the University of Salerno, Italy, June 2008). Goals of the meeting are:

Ø Revisiting schools: Chicago School , Structural-functionalism, Birmingham School , Post-subcultural studies, etc.

Ø Revisiting authors: S.G.Hall, M. Mead, K. Mannheim, A. Gramsci, T. Parsons, E. Erikson, S. Hall, P. Bourdieu, U. Beck, M. Maffesoli, M. Castells, Z. Bauman, etc.

Ø Revisiting youth theories for the XXI century: globalization, individualization, digitalism, networking, empowerment, embodiment, social capital, etc.

Ø Revisiting youth issues in public debates, in global and local contexts (special sessions will be devoted to youth research and policies in Catalonia and Spain ).


Friday, September 5, 2008

15:30 – 17:30 . Session 1 (Opening RC34 Conference). Growing up in a liquid world
Zygmunt Bauman (University of Leeds, UK). Liquid Youth? Dialogue with Z. Bauman

18:00 -20:00. Dialogue with the Catalan Youth Observatory and the Catalan National Youth Council (to be confirmed)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

9:00 -11:00. Session 2. The concept of generation in youth theories
Coordinators: Carles Feixa ( University of Lleida , Catalonia , Spain ; RC34 VP for Europe) and Carmen Leccardi ( University of Milano-Bicocca , Italy ; RC34 VP for Europe )

11:30 – 13:30 . Session 3. Youth theories and public debates in the XX century
Coordinators: Lynne Chisholm (Leopold-Franzens-University Innsbruck, Austria; RC34 Advisory Board member) and James Côte (University of Western Ontario, Canada; RC34 VP for North America)

15:30 -17:30. Session 4. Youth theories and public debates for the XXI century
Coordinators: Helena Helve ( University of Kuopio , Finland ; RC 34 Ex-president) and Vinod Chandra ( JNPG College , Lucknow , India ; RC34 VP for Asia )

Sunday, September 7, 2008

9:00 -11:00. Session 5. Youth questions and public debates
Coordinators: Ngan-pun Ngai (The Chinese University of Hong Kong , China ; RC34 President) and Tom Dwyer (State University of Campinas, Brazil; RC34 VP for South America )

11:30 – 13:30 . Session 6. Youth questions and public debates in Europe
Coordinators: Howard Williamson ( University of Cardiff , Walles , UK ; RC34 Organizational Secretary) and Natalia Wächter (Austrian Institute for Youth Research , Austria ; RC34 Treasurer).

15:30 -17:30. Session 7. Youth questions and public debates in Catalonia
Coordinators: Pau Sarracant (Catalan Youth Observatory) and Joaquim Casal (Authonomous University of Barcelona , Spain )

Monday, September 8, 2008

11:30 -13:30. Session 8. Childhood, Youth and Leisure Aspirations (Common Joint Session: RC13, RC34, RC53)
Coordinators: Ngan-pun Ngai (The Chinese University of Hong Kong , RC34 President), Ishwar Modi (India International Institute of Social Sciences, RC13 President), Doris Buehler-Niederberger ( University of Wuppertal , Germany , RC53 President).

Tuesday, September 9, 2008
Possibility to visit local youth experiences in Catalonia

Coordination: Catalan Youth Observatory, Catalan National Youth Council.
Organizational issues

Call for Papers
The meeting will be structured in one opening conference, six RC sessions and one public joint session. Every session will be coordinated by one member of the scientific committee. A call for papers will be sent to RC34 members and to youth researchers. The papers will be sent to the organizational secretary so that the scientific committee can select discussants and distributed papers to every session.
Scientific Committees

Coordinators: C. Feixa and C. Leccardi (Vice-presidents for Europe , RC34)
International Committee: N-P. Ngai, H. Helve, Ch. Ukeje, V. Chandra, A. Wierenga, J. Côté, T. Dwyer, H. Williamson, N. Waechter, C. Batan (RC34 Executive Board).
Local Committee: J. Casal, O. Romani, P. Soler, J. Trilla, M. Figueras ( Catalan Interuniversity Master on Youth and Society)
Organization: Catalan Youth Observatory.
Contacts: Carles Feixa ( University of Lleida ) Carmen Leccardi ( University of Milano-Bicocca )

Call for Papers
Papers will be presented according to the general rules of the Forum of Sociology:
Papers proposals will be sent to the organizational secretary: Catalan Youth Observatory:

January 15, 2008 for sending to the organizational secretary the papers proposals: January 31, 2008 . for sending to the ISA Secretariat (
a) RC_WG_TG final program with complete information (accepted papers and participants, session titles and chairs)
b) travel grant applications (to be sent directly by applicants).
June 1, 2008 . for pre-registration and submission of abstracts to the Cambridge Sociological Abstracts.