ISA Research Committee 34 (Sociology of Youth): Election of the new Board

Dear Colleagues/Friends,


Now is the time to prepare for the election of a new Board to co-ordinate the work of ISA Research Committee 34 (Sociology of Youth) for the next four years.  Responsibilities ebb and flow and we are a modest, though important network.  The main task is to provide support and profile for our membership in different parts of the world.  Right now, we have just over 100 members in 40 countries, somewhat fewer than the numbers at their peak, but both new memberships and membership renewal do usual dip at the start of the year of the World Congress and then steadily increasing over the next few months.


This is the first time I will have organised the elections purely electronically but I now see little purpose in conducting proceedings any other way.  At all times in the process, all of those involved are required to be in good standing with the Research Committee and with the ISA (ie. You’ve paid your fees!).


Now is the time to start the ball rolling.  The fundamental principle is that those nominated to any position have to confirm their willingness to be appointed to the Board, so for any position, I require communication from two people: the nominator stating who they wish to nominate, and the nominee, confirming their willingness to stand.  Those wishing to stand can ask somebody to nominate them; those wishing to nominate somebody should confirm with that person that they are happy to be nominated.  And then let me know.  The deadline for nominations is May 1st.


Anyone can nominate people for any number of positions. The positions that need to be filled are as follows:



Organisational Secretary and Treasurer

Editor, International Bulletin of Youth Research (IBYR)

Vice-President, Europe (Northern Europe, including the Russian Federation)

Vice-President, Europe (Southern Europe)

Vice-President, Oceania (Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands)

Vice-President, Asia (Eastern Asia – inc, China, Japan)

Vice-President, Asia (Southern Asia – inc. India and Sri Lanka)

Vice-President, MENA (Mediterranean and North Africa) and Central Asia

Vice-President, Sub-Saharan Africa

Vice-President, North America

Vice-President, Latin America


Once nominations have been received, there are three prospective scenarios:

  1. A sole nomination, in which case there is no election and the nominee is appointed
  2. No nomination, in which case the incoming President can invite a member to take on the role
  3. More than one nomination, in which case I will prepare a ballot paper and invite electronic votes from the whole of the membership, though individuals will also be able to cast their vote at the Business Meeting in Toronto, when those who have voted (either electronically or in person) will be checked for good standing, and the result will then be announced.  The Organisational Secretary will not vote but, in the event of a tie, will exercise a casting vote.

I am avoiding the possibility that there could be no nomination for President!


A ballot paper for contested positions, if required, will be prepared by June 1st, giving those members of rx34 who will not be attending the World Congress some six weeks to cast an electronic vote.


I hope I have not missed anything.  Should you have any questions about the procedure preparing for the election of the next Executive Board of rc34, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Best wishes, and happy new year to you all,




Dr Howard Williamson CVO CBE FRSA FHEA

Professor of European Youth Policy

University of South Wales

Faculty of Business and Society

Treforest Campus

Pontypridd CF37 1DL

Wales UK