Jeunes et cultures: dialogue franco-québécois

S. Octobre, C. Dallaire (Eds.)

ISBN : 978-2-7637-3591-7 (print); ISBN : 9782763735924 (electronic)

Presses de l’Université Laval (PUL), 2017


 Youth cultures evoke many images on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean: connected, globalized generations that neglect classic culture… This book examines the changes in youth cultures in France and in Quebec through a dialogue among researchers from different generations that draw on different intellectual traditions to present their recent studies. What are the transformations at play and what conceptual models do we need to account for their various dimensions? What are the similarities and differences among the different possible approaches? This dialogue restores the strong dynamic that characterizes the meeting of youth(s) and culture(s) and traces prospective avenues to be explored.  Octobre et Dallaire-3591C1

The book is in French.

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