Knowledge Workers’ Educational and Professional Trajectories

Mariano Longo & Maurizio Merico (Eds)

ISSN 2035-4983

Italian Journal of Sociology of Education, vol. 8, n. 3

Padova University Press


This special issue of the Italian Journal of Sociology of Education is devoted to the presentation of case studies aimed at analysing “Knowledge workers’ educational and professional trajectories” in Southern Italy. In particular, the papers published discuss the results of the qualitative and quantitative analysis developed within the research project “Public Sphere Professions in Hard Times”, funded by the PRIN 2010-2011 programme of the ‘Italian Ministry of Education’.The research considered different contexts, in which the ethos of knowledge workers, their educational and professional trajectories, along with their identity construction have been analysed: in particular, the papers take into consideration the cases of social planners, call centre operators, digital media workers and “precarious” researchers.  coverijse_small

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