Life Patterns. Ten years following Generation Y

Jessica Crofts, Hernán Cuervo, Johanna Wyn, Graeme Smith & Dan Woodman

ISBN 9780734051844 – 9780734051851

Youth Research Centre, The University of Melbourne – 2015

The Life Patterns research program is designed to follow patterns in young people’s lives over time in order to gain a longitudinal and holistic understanding of the ways in which two generations of young Australians are responding to our rapidly changing world. The program is based at the Youth Research Centre at the University of Melbourne.The generosity and ongoing support of the Life Patterns participants has meant that this study has built up a unique picture of the reality of the lives of two generations.Over the past three decades, changes such as the need for more education, greater insecurity and precariousness in employment, and the decreasing relevance of traditional patterns of living have created conditions in which young people think of their lives as a personal project.

This publication focusses only on the generation that left secondary school in 2006, Cohort 2 of the Life Patterns project, providing a summary of the last ten years.


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