New Publications by the Youth Research Centre at the University of Melbourne



Youth and Generation. Rethinking change and inequality in the lives of young people

Dan Woodman, Joanna WynISBN: 9781446259054

Sage, London



The promise of youth studies is not in simply showing that class, gender and race continue to influence life chances, but to show how they shape young lives today. Dan Woodman and Johanna Wyn argue that understanding new forms of inequality in a context of increasing social change is a central challenge for youth researchers.

Youth and Generation sets an agenda for youth studies building on the concepts of ‘social generation’ and ‘individualisation’ to suggest a framework for thinking about change and inequality in young lives in the emerging Asian Century.  

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 youth and generation


Youth, belonging and transitions: Identifying opportunities and barriers for Indigenous young people in remote communities

Hernán Cuervo, Neheda Barakat & Malcolm TurnbullISBN: 978 0 7340 5119 6

Youth Research Centre – University of Melbourne



This research report aims to identify the personal and structural resources, the barriers and the motivations that facilitate or hinder successful transitions by Indigenous young people in remote communities, particularly within East Arnhem Land, into further and higher education and employment. The research speaks to current policy initiatives that aim to improve transitions for young Indigenous people to further education, training and employment (COAG 2012). It also fills a research gap in the youth studies literature by mapping the evidence-based data on factors that impact on Indigenous youth transitions in remote communities.


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 Handbook of Children and Youth Studies

Johanna Wyn, Helen Cahill (Eds.)ISBN: 978-981-4451-14-7

Spinger, Singapore



This handbook gives a new scientific perspective to youth and childhood studies as multi scientific and interdisciplinary subjects which as such have not yet found their own framing in a particular discipline. It provides theoretical and methodological key debates and issues that develop and add an understanding of childhood and youth research discipline from a broader perspective. The Handbook on Children and Youth Studies draws on current thinking, but also challenges theoretical and conceptual orthodoxies in the field, drawing on interdisciplinary thinking and critical perspectives. It focuses on childhood and youth to address the emerging consensus that the boundaries between childhood, youth and adulthood are blurred. The view that defining youth and childhood largely in terms of problem topics is out dated. Instead, the handbook focuses on 13 themes that are open to international perspectives and to different conceptual approaches. Each theme is edited by a pair of field editors, thereby capturing a plurality of views. The 13 themes as a starting point are globally timely and they need scientific debates on the boundaries between childhoods, youth and adulthood. This handbook will meet the needs of childhood and youth researchers and the academics in the field. It recognizes the changing social context of the lives of children and young people, while developing theoretical frameworks and discussing about the core substantive issues of Children and Youth Studies.


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 handbook of children