RC 34 Brochure 2010-2014

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Some recent member publications:

René Bendit, Marina Hahn & Ana Miranda (Eds.) (2008). Youth and the future: social inclusion processes and vulnerability patterns in a globalized world, Prometeo Books (in Spanish)

Daniel Faas (2010). Negotiating Political Identities: Multiethnic Schools and Youth in Europe. Ashgate.

Charlotte Fabiansson (2010). Pathways to Excessive Gambling: A Societal Perspective on Youth and Adult Gambling Pursuits. Ashgate.

Nancy Lesko & Susan Talburt (Eds.)?(2011). Keywords in Youth Studies.?Routledge.

Jeylan Mortimer (Ed.) (2008). Social Class and Transitions to Adulthood. New Directions for Child and Adolescent Development. Number 119. Spring.

Ngan-Pun Ngai, An Guoqi, Sek-yum Ngai & Yang Changing (Eds.) (2010). New Issues on Youth in Information Age: Theory, policy and Practice. Social Sciences Academic Press (in Chinese).

Abdoulaye Niang, Seydina Ndiaye & Abdou K. Diongue (2009). Dynamiques et rôle économique et social du secteur informel des TIC au SENEGAL. Centre de recherche pour le Développement intégré/Yam Pukri.

Kitty te Riele (Ed.) (2009). Making Schools Different: Alternative Approaches to Educating Young People. Sage.

Ken Roberts (2009). Youth in Transition: Eastern Europe and the West. Palgrave Macmillan. Sharlene Swartz (2010). Ikasi: The Moral Ecology of South Africa’s Township Youth. Palgrave MacMillan and Wits University Press.

Ani Wierenga (2008). Young People Making a Life. Palgrave Macmillan.