Nominations and elections for rc34 Executive Board 2018-2022

International Sociological Association – Research Committee 34


Confirmed nominations for positions on the Executive Board 2018-2022:



Ana Miranda

Sharlene Swartz


Organisational Secretary & Treasurer

No nomination – to be appointed by the incoming President


Co-ordinator IBYR

Maurizio Merico


Vice-Presidents Europe (2 positions)

Airi-Alina Allaste

Sarah Pickard

Ilaria Pitti


Vice President Sub-Saharan Africa

Kiran Odhav


Vice President MENA (Middle East and North Africa)

Ali Akbar Taj Mazinani

Abeer Musleh


Vice Presidents Asia (2 positions)

Vinod Chandra

Steven Ngai


Vice President Oceania

Dan Woodman


Vice President North America

Sampson Blair


Vice President Latin America

Ada Cora Freytes Frey


* All nominees have been confirmed as in good standing with ISA rc34, together with those who nominated them.


The individuals in italics, facing no competition, are therefore duly appointed to the Executive Board 2018-2020.

I will be asking all candidates for competitive positions to post their ‘campaign’ credentials on the IBYR website prior to the start of voting on 1st June.  Those already appointed are also encouraged to communicate to the rc34 membership their own credentials for their positions.  Please consult the website ( before you vote.

Voting procedure for the positions in which there is competition is as follows: members in good standing should email the names of those they wish to vote for prior to the World Congress in July 2018. Please complete the voting form below and email it to   The deadline for voting is Friday, 6th July.

The composition of the Executive Board, including any additional appointments made by the incoming President, will be announced by the Organisational Secretary/Election Officer at the rc34 Business Meeting in Toronto (Tuesday, 17th July 2018 @ 1930).



Howard Williamson

Organisational Secretary/Election Officer

ISA Research Committee 34