Ovidiu Badina: page of appreciation

Ovidiu Badina


First president of RC34

In memoriam

by Siyka Kovatcheva


Ovidiu Badina, founder and first president of RC34, died on April 26, 1999. With his death, youth studies lost a distinguished scholar, and many members of the Research Committee 34 lost a personal friend. Badina, one of the leading figures in Romanian sociology, was born in Breaza-Buzau in 1932 and had a typical academic career in the Soviet Block states. He studied first in his home country, and then at the Lomonosov University in Moscow. He became a ‘scientific worker’ in the Institute of Philosophy at the Romanian Academy of Sciences in 1963 and later a university lecturer. What was special about Badina was that he had an exceptional organisational talent, which he put to very good use in establishing and developing several creditable institutions both in Romania and abroad. He was the initiator, founder and leader of the Youth Studies and Research Centre in Bucharest, Romania, from 1968 till 1974, of the ISA’s committee ‘Sociology of Youth’ from 1975 till 1986 and, more recently, from 1991 till 1993, of the National Sociological Institute in Moldova. – See more at: http://www.rc34youth.org/obituary/#sthash.6iQ0rgvy.dpuf

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