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Sibylle Hübner-Funk


RC 34 President from 1990 to 1994


In memoriam


Lynne Chisholm and Sylvia Trnka

Sibylle Hübner-Funk, RC 34 President from 1990 to 1994, passed away on 5 May 2014 in Munich, Germany.

Sibylle was born on 6 January 1943 in Silesian Wroclaw. At the end of the Second World War, she fled with her family to live in western Germany, growing up in the town of Giessen. After her graduation in sociology at the Free University of Berlin in 1969, she began her research career at the Max Planck Institute for Educational Research, also in Berlin. After a short sojourn in Canada, she moved to work at the German Youth Institute in Munich, where she came to head the youth and politics unit, and then – until her retirement in 2006 – she coordinated the Institute’s international research affairs.

She had completed her doctorate in 1987, once again at the FU Berlin, and in 1996 she qualified for the professoriate (Habilitation and venia legendi) at the University of Paderborn with a socio-historical study of how those born under National Socialism grew up to build democracy in the post-war Federal Republic of Germany. In the mid-1990s she also spent two years at Paderborn and Hamburg for spells in university teaching and research.

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personal anecdotes and recognition of professional scholarship
Sibylle Hubner-Funk认为,必须改变社会对青年的认识。“青年”一词在欧洲,具有“国家的青年”和“跨国家的青年”双重身份的含义,性别、阶级、种族、代际矛盾是现代青年的特征。青年作为工业化社会中正在缩小的人口次群体,政府制订青年政策时,既不要将他们只界定为人力资源,也不能认为他们是危险的因素,而应动员、开发其潜力,真正让他们参与重要的决策。这是提升欧洲前景的唯一机会。说穿了,当今社会发展离开了青年的参与几乎是不可能的。
 Songxing Su: excerpt from “ISA-RC34 and China Youth Research”. Lecture seminar in Shanghai “Youth Science century youth research” (You can find out what this means at