Researching young lives: methodologies, methods, practices and perspectives

VOLUME 1 – Cook, J., Gowing, A. and Aliani, R., with Chesters J. and Cuervo, H.

VOLUME 2 – Reade, J., Seet, A., Dadvand, B., Khan, R., Wyn, J., with Chesters J. and Cuervo, H.

Youth Research Centre, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, The University of Melbourne – 2018



The aim of this series of reports is to showcase the variety of research methodologies, methods and perspectives that our researchers in the Youth Research Centre, at the University of Melbourne, engage in. Each report includes three case studies authored by an individual researcher on researching young people.Our aim is to cover a range of methodologies and topics that may be of interest to students and early career researchers in the disciplines of education and sociology and, particularly, within the field of youth studies.Within each report, each case study is a snapshot of an actual research project currently being conducted in the YRC. Our researchers are sharing their experiences and offering their advice for conducting social research in an increasingly complex and diverse societal environment.


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