The gender gap in international student mobility

Call for papers

Research panel organised at the 14th IMISCOE Annual Conference

Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 28-30 June 2017

Organizers: Christof Van Mol, Yvonne Riaño & Parvati Raghuram


Over the past decades, international student mobility and migration (hereafter ISM) significantly increased. Interestingly, in Europe and the United States, female students are more likely to study abroad in bachelor and master programmes. This gender gap is consistent across subject areas and countries and stands in sharp contrast with academic mobility in later phases of the career, whereby this pattern is inversed. Today, this unequal gender balance of ISM in Europe and the US remains unexplained, and represents one of the major gaps in ISM-research. Whereas scholars are calling attention to the role of the state and social ideas of gender roles in gendering transnational processes and experiences of mobility, the question of how societal ideas of gender roles impact the decision of women and men to study abroad, the destinations they chose for study, their differentiated experiences of mobility, and the outcomes of their mobilities have not been addressed so far. Therefore, this research panel at the IMISCOE Annual Conference 2017 aims to gather contributions which examine and try to explain the gendered patterns of study abroad in order to advance scientific understanding of ISM. Consequently, we welcome papers that provide gender-sensitive analyses of ISM-patterns,  individual decision-making processes and experiences, aiming to uncover and explain the mechanisms behind gender differences in ISM. We welcome papers that either use quantitative, qualitative  or mixed-methods. Whereas the main focus of the call is on gendered ISM within, towards and from Europe and the United States, we also welcome contributions from other parts of the world, in order to gain a comparative perspective.



We welcome abstracts of no more than 250 words including your name, title, email and institutional affiliation by 2 December 2016 at the latest.

All files must be submitted in word and pdf format to Christof Van Mol (, Yvonne Riaño ( and Parvati Raghuram (

We will inform all authors on acceptance of their abstracts before 23 December 2016.

A definitive answer of acceptance of the workshop on The Gender Gap in international student mobility by IMISCOE is expected on 1 February 2017.