“Youth for What? New Generations and Social Change” – special issue of SMP



SMP. Società Mutamento Politica


Special issue on “Youth for What? New Generations and Social Change”

(Vol. 5, No. 10, 2014) – ISSN 2038-3150 (online)

Ed. Andrea Pirni


 The issue is organised in 5 sections. The first one offers a wide-angle perspective on youth condition, to favour the elaboration of new analytic categories. The second offers some deeper analysis of three Mediterranean countries where some specific dynamics of change regarding youth condition on a socio-political level are taking place. The third section offers a more in depth analysis of Italian youth in relation to the political sphere. The fourth section exits the Italian situation considering specific contexts. The final section consists of an interview to two illustrious researchers of youth condition: Alessandro Cavalli and Andy Furlong.  smp

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