Youth in a Time of Crisis

V. Ilišin; D. Bouillet; A. Gvozdanović; D. Potočnik

ISBN 978-953-6218-51-6 (Institute for Social Research)

ISBN 978-953-7043-44-5 (Friedrich Ebert Stiftung)

Institute for Social Research – Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Zagreb, 2013


 This research study presents the findings of the empiric research that was a joint project of the Institute for Social Research and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Zagreb carried out in 2012. The research is based on and implemented in accordance with the Shell Youth Survey started in 1953 in Germany, which has spread to numerous countries in Europe and outside Europe over the last six decades. The representative sample encompassed 1500 respondents between 14 and 27 years of age (born between 1985 and 1998) from all over Croatia. The general aim of this research is to establish and analyse some attitudes and behaviour patterns of youth in contemporary Croatian society. In accordance with this goal, two basic hypotheses have been postulated: 1) that youth are a recognizable social group by their lifestyle, attitudes, values and behaviour patterns; and 2) that there is a difference among various segments of youth with regard to their socio-demographic characteristics.  mla_youth_in_a_time_of_cr000001


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